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Founded in 1999, ST NICOLAS SCHOOL has 18 years of experience in organizing foreign language courses for students of different ages and profiles.

Since the opening of the first school in Block 70 in New Belgrade until the present, ST NICOLAS SCHOOL has grown into one of the most popular foreign languages schools in the city with classrooms at ten different locations.

Our goal is that every student who enrolls in a course at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL makes progress in their knowledge, and in order to help you with this, we offer:

  • Quality teaching by qualified teachers
  • Small groups where focus is on each student
  • Consultations with the teacher whenever necessary
  • Regular knowledge assesments through periodic tests
  • The latest equipment, materials and learning resources

Quality teaching

All teachers in ST NICOLAS SCHOOL are highly qualified and many have years of experience behind. They are attentive, professional and focused on helping you to achieve your personal goals. Their job is to make sure you learn effectively, but also to feel relaxed and to have fun at the same time.

 Small groups where focus is on each student

We offer work in groups of 3 to 8 students. This means that you will enjoy the personal attention of your teachers, which will help you progress more quickly. Our teachers devise dynamic, interactive lessons, where focus is on each participant, so that students are motivated to learn.